I wanted to thank everyone for your support throughout these early stages of my campaign. I have been humbled by the overwhelming support I have received from Billerica as well as outside the community. As sometimes happens, life had other plans – I was recently offered a professional opportunity with a new Veteran Services office.

As a family we have weighed our options, and felt it best to continue honestly, and in the spirit of transparency and accountability. At this time I am going bow out of the race for State Representative of the 22nd Middlesex District for the 2018 cycle. I will continue to advocate for transparent and effective leadership in Billerica. I look forward to supporting local election candidates over the upcoming election cycles and hope you will join me in the effort to keep Billerica & Massachusetts moving forward, not backward.

I believe in this vision and I truly believe that progressive leadership far exceeds just one person. Each and every one of us has the ability to create a positive leadership and community culture, and I encourage you to continue advocating for efficacy, transparency, and true representation for all of the hard working people in our community.

I will continue to be passionately involved in our municipal growth, and look forward to joining together to move our community forward - towards its best future.

To that end, I will be keeping my campaign committee and team active, with an eye towards a run in the near future.

If you would like to reach me for any reason, please contact me at



Kickoff Event

Alicia Reddin Announces Candidacy to Packed House

Mayor Rob Dolan describes Alicia as work horse for Billerica and the veterans she advocates for


On October 21, 2017, Alicia Reddin, announced her candidacy for State Representative in the 22nd Middlesex District. 

Over one hundred attendees donated thousands to the first-time state rep. candidate.

Flanked by her family, supporters, and elected & appointed officials throughout Massachusetts Alicia expressed her vision for Billerica.  

“I started my campaign because I believe in service. Service to Country, Service to community, and now service to Billerica. I’ve dedicated my life to public service.  From the values I learned from my parents to how I am teaching my children. I look forward to Serving you at the State House!“

Current mayor of Melrose, Mayor Rob Dolan has worked with Alicia since 2006 and lauded her efforts in helping fellow veterans.  The mayor called the Navy veteran turned candidate a work horse.  “In politics you have work horses and show horses, Alicia is a work horse.  She will get things done for people of Billerica like she does for the veterans she currently works with.”

Alicia is veteran of the Navy and is the District Director of Veteran Services for the communities of Saugus, Melrose and Wakefield.  She is also a doctoral candidate in Educational Studies, Adult Learning & Development at Lesley University. 

To learn more about Alicia and her candidacy, visit


Today, We Remember

Sophomore year sitting in high school Health Class - a knock on the door, our principal at the time whispered in the teachers ear and she began to cry, not a regular cry, a painful and deep cry. A sobbing that I pray I never hear again.

Her daughter had just graduated college and got a great job in New York City, in Tower One. Phones were down. It was hectic. It took almost 2 days before anyone knew that she was okay, that she was not in the building at the time.  

Sixteen, that is the number of years that passed since the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York and at the Pentagon. Today is a day for remembrance, resolve, renewal, and Unity.

Take a moment to recall those who were most directly affected by this tragedy. The people who died, those were injured, and those who lost loved ones.

I encourage you to close your eyes and recall the selfless first-responders: firefighters, police, chaplains, emergency workers, and so many others—who risked and often lost their own lives to save others.

We also remember how our nation responded to the terrifying events of that day. We, as a nation, turned to prayer and faith; we found our inner strength; and we all turned to one another to offer help, strength, and support. We came together across all religious, political, social and ethnic lines to stand as one Nation to heal wounds and defend against terrorism.

I resolved then, and still do today: to reject hatred, terrorism both foreign and domestic, and to resist attempts to dehumanize any population.  The greatest resource we have in times of fear and struggle is each other. We must continue to band together! In the face of Terror, in times of challenge, in the face of any disaster that comes our way: we, as people, must come together in support of each other. It is my way, it is the American way.

As we face today's challenges of injustice, disaster, people out of work, families struggling, and the continuing dangers of wars and terrorism, dig deep and remember the 9/11 spirit of unity - stand as one.

I pray that the lasting legacy of 9/11 is not fear and anger, but rather hope for a world and people renewed.

Please, take a minute today. Remember 2,606 lives that were taken that day. Pray for the first-responders and those on the ground who are plagued with medical conditions as a result of the attacks. And say a prayer for all of the people who lost a loved one.

We remember that, no matter what divisions we may perceive, it will always be true that we are one nation: indivisible and resolved.


Campaign Announcement

Local Veteran announces run for State Representative seat

July 31, 2017 (BILLERICA, MA) –

Local Navy Veteran Alicia Marie Reddin today announced her candidacy for the State Representative Seat in the IMG_9277.jpg22nd Middlesex District covering all of Billerica.

Reddin said her dedication to serving others, combined with her work on diversity and equality, make her a strong voice for the residents in Billerica.

“As State Representative, I want to open the doors of the State House to all voices in Billerica,” she said. “I am passionate about improving access to government and will be an inclusive, transparent decision maker. Transparency is the biggest buzzword in politics these days. While government should be transparent, those in government should be as well. My promise to you is that as a candidate and as your next State Representative, you will always know where I stand on any issue.”

As the Veteran Service Director for Melrose, Wakefield and Saugus, Reddin has worked tirelessly to increase awareness around Mental Health, Homelessness, Substance Abuse, and works to get Veterans and their families the benefits they deserve.

“My voice, informed by my own identity as a mother, a Veteran, a Democrat, as well as my education and dedication to serving others, will add a different perspective and strengthen the leadership in Billerica. I will work to build bridges throughout our community and with other communities. One thing that I learned very quickly while serving is that you need to be able to work well with everyone and standup for all,” Reddin said.

Reddin works full time leading a team of Veteran Service officers and administrative staff in an inter-municipal department, the Melrose – Wakefield – Saugus Veteran Services District. In that role, she has worked on numerous municipal, state, and federal initiatives focused on homelessness, hunger, sexual assault and substance abuse. In her time at MWS Veteran Services, she has worked with the Massachusetts Veteran Service Officer Association (MVSOA) to advocate for Veteran families and work on legislation to increase benefits and protect the benefits that are in place currently. In 2017 Reddin was elected to the executive board of the MVSOA and named the Chairman of the Statewide Training Committee.

She also plays a key role in her service to others as an elected member of the Board of Directors for the Wakefield Rotary Club, a key community partner with the Wakefield/Stoneham Boys and Girls Club, and an appointed member of Governor Charlie Baker’s Post Deployment Commission.

Reddin also stepped in as the head coach the Billerica Pop Warner Cherokees and Chiefs cheer squads last season and will be volunteering with Pop Warner again in the upcoming year. Reddin is a supporter of education and is attending Lesley University in Cambridge, she is currently conducting research for her PhD in Adult Learning & Development.

Reddin said she plans to use the knowledge gained through these projects and experiences to reach across the party lines and to work with all elected officials to ensure that Billerica has a strong voice as we shape the future of Massachusetts.

“In March 2016 the Town voted to invest in a new High School and in our children’s educational future. We must also explore options for how to best invest in our roads and infrastructure to continue to elevate Billerica’s profile as a desired community for companies and residents,” she said. “The goal is to do these things in a fiscally conservative manner with stability and sustainability. We all pay our fair share of taxes and my goal is to ensure that those dollars are being used in the most efficient way possible, while also advocating for increased funds from the state. We need an advocate in the State House that will fight for more than the mandated minimum we get. I am that advocate and I look forward to running for Billerica.”

Alicia will be kicking off her campaign at the Billerica Country Club on October 21, 2017 from 7 pm to 10 pm and all are welcome to attend and learn more about Alicia and her candidacy for State Representative for the 22nd Middlesex District.

The Democratic Primary is scheduled for Tuesday, September 18, 2018.

The State General Election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 6, 2018.


Alicia Reddin for State Representative Birthday Kickoff

The Committee to Elect Alicia Reddin invites you to support Alicia Reddin's campaign efforts for State Representative of the 22nd Middlesex Disctrict and to celebrate her 32nd birthday with other local elected officials, community members, and friends.

Suggested contributions:
Chair: $1000
Host: $500
Sponsor: $250
Supporter: $100
Friend: $32

Special Guest:
Gubernatorial Candidate, Mayor Setti Warren

All Contributors (Supporter and above) who donate prior to Wednesday, October 18, 2017 will be acknowledged at the event.

You may contribute in advance online here.

You can view and RSVP to the Facebook Event here.

Checks may be mailed to
The Committee to Elect Alicia Reddin
P O Box 88
North Billerica, MA 01862

Max contribution $1000.

~Light Refreshments~
~Cash Bar Available~

Spring 2017 Town Meeting Report

This year, Alicia joined Billerica Town Meeting as a representative from Precinct 2. While not my first foray in to the political arena, it was my first time being an elected representative to Billerica's Legislative Branch. She is proud to say that she learned a lot from my time in session and from my fellow representative.

Alicia believes in transparency and easy to access information. In that vain, she would like to share with you how she voted on some of the articles at Spring Town Meeting. In the interest of full transparency, Alicia was absent one night of this Spring session as she was on a research retreat for her PhD program.

For more context, you can view the Spring 2017 Town Meeting Warrant here.

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