In 2015, a state commission found that the “foundation budget” formula (Chapter 70) that is used to dictate the amount of State aid into our schools, is deficient by approximately $1 to $2 billion dollars per year.  
That large gap between the true cost of educating our children and the amount provided by State and Local revenue is devastating to our local schools and educators.  Because of this funding gap, communities often must cut programs that our children benefit from or pass on fees to parents. “As a parent, I believe we pay our fair share in taxes, and the formula needs to be adjusted so we are not responsible for additional fees.” Alicia will work to pass legislation along with the State Senators that will adjust this formula to ensure that the funding into our schools will align with the true costs.
Access to a well-rounded education must include STEM, physical education, arts, music, and civic engagement along with standard academics. “Adulting” skills to include balancing a checkbook, filing taxes, job searching, managing a personal budget, as well as other key life skills that we all use in life.
We must work hard to provide safe and affordable childcare options for working families in Billerica. In addition, we must also invest in affordable Pre-K through college opportunities to Massachusetts students. As part of a dual income household, college graduate, and PhD candidate Alicia and understands firsthand the impact that high cost childcare and rising college debt have on a family. She will be a champion for working families and children!

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