In-District Engagement / Constituent Services

Billerica is very fortunate. Of the 160 Legislative Districts, we are one of only a handful of districts in the entire Commonwealth whose area is the entirety of one, single municipality. This means the Representative for this District is really the Representative for the Town. Having this sole-focus, the State Rep for Billerica doesn’t have to balance the needs of several communities against each other; thus making for a very powerful advocate for the town and its residents.

Alicia is a Town Meeting Representative and will continue to be one if elected State Representative. She will constantly be engaged on the issues facing our Town -- the issues that come up for a vote at Town Meeting -- and you will always know where she stands on each and every Town Meeting Article. She will be In-District (in-Town) often, regularly “taking the pulse” of the residents and the Town Administration. She will set up weekly office hours at different locations across town and will be regularly accessible at those events. She will also have monthly meetings with the Town Administration, ensuring their goals are being met and assisting them in any way possible.

Have a further question on where she stands on Local Engagement and Constituent Services? Send us an email.

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