Local Aid

Local Aid is “money that flows from the state budget to city and town budgets, helping them fund vital local services such as schools…” It is calculated via a massive formula that takes into account the same factors in each community so that it is distributed equitably among the various municipalities in the commonwealth. No matter who sits in the State Representative's chair, Billerica will get the the same amount of Local Aid because it is based on a formula. It is what additional money a State Rep can bring to their district that is what is important!

Keeping with my In-District Engagement promises, Alicia will be in constant collaboration with Town Administration to focus my efforts on what the Town needs. For the better part of 10 years now, it has been known that the town is in need of new or updated facilities for the Recreation Department and the Department of Public Works. It is projects like these -- and others that will be identified -- that would benefit from additional state funds to assist with completing.

As your State Representative, Alicia will work with House leadership to explore ways to assist in the funding of these projects to mitigate the cost to Billerica taxpayers. She will work with her fellow legislators to ensure Billerica’s priorities are their priorities. Securing money above and beyond the formulated Local Aid is an area which we are lacking in our current State Representative. Working well with others is crucial to the efficacy of a legislator.

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