Local Economy & Jobs

Billerica is prime real estate for business growth poised for greatness located at the intersection of Routes, 3, 95 and 495. Already possessing high-profiles businesses like EMD Sorono, PAREXEL and Insulet, Billerica is poised to leverage its superior economic development team at Town Hall to create even more jobs and revenue.

As your State Representative, Alicia will work to increase employment opportunities by advocating for investment medical, renewable energy and vocational trade fields.

Recent statistics show 3-4 million job openings in construction and contractor fields nationwide. A entry-level model averages $51,000 annually with hourly rates climbing through experience. Investment in vocational training would create more better paying jobs and opportunities for small business ownership.

As your State Representative, Alicia will work with the Executive Office of Housing & Economic Development to locate resources and develop innovative ways to ensure we continue to see economic growth in Billerica.

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