Spring 2017 Town Meeting Report

This year, Alicia joined Billerica Town Meeting as a representative from Precinct 2. While not my first foray in to the political arena, it was my first time being an elected representative to Billerica's Legislative Branch. She is proud to say that she learned a lot from my time in session and from my fellow representative.

Alicia believes in transparency and easy to access information. In that vain, she would like to share with you how she voted on some of the articles at Spring Town Meeting. In the interest of full transparency, Alicia was absent one night of this Spring session as she was on a research retreat for her PhD program.

For more context, you can view the Spring 2017 Town Meeting Warrant here.

Night 1: Tuesday, May 2
Article 1 - To Set Compensation of Elected Official. Voted: Yes. PASSED.
Article 2 - To hear Committee reports. Voted: Yes. PASSED.
Article 3 - To transfer funds between 2017 budget line items. Voted: Yes. PASSED.
Article 4 - To fund collective bargaining agreement (SEIU Local 888 Administrative Unit) Voted: Yes. PASSED.
Article 5 - To fund collective bargaining agreement (IAEP Police EMT's and Paramedics) Voted: Yes. PASSED.
Article 13 - To fund salary adjustments for Town Non-Union Personnel Voted: Yes. PASSED.
Article 15 - Fiscal Year 2018 Town and School budget. Discussion to continue on Thursday. Meeting adjourned

Night 3: Tuesday, May 9
Article 6 - To fund collective bargaining agreement for IUPE Clerical Unit. Voted: Yes. PASSED.
Article 25 - Motion to reconsider Article 25. Much discussion on reconsideration. Voted: No. DID NOT PASS
Article 26 - To fund water main replacement on Boston Road @ Allen Road. Voted: Yes. PASSED.
Article 27 - To create a fund to provide post employment benefits for retirees and their dependents G.L. c. 32B (20). Voted: Yes. PASSED.
Article 28 - To remove the Police Chief & Fire Chief from Civil Service. Does not pass. Voted: Yes. PASSED.
Article 29 - To accept the provisions of MGL 59 section 5C 1/2. Voted: Yes. PASSED.
Article 30 - Allow BOS and Board of Assessors to negotiate and execute a pilot (Payment in Lue of tax) agreement.  Voted: Yes. PASSED.
Article 31 - Amend language in town by law XVIII to be in compliance with the Municipal Modernization act.  Voted: Yes. PASSED.
Article 33 - To amend general by laws article III Financial regulation.  Voted: Yes. PASSED.
Article 34 - Shawsheen River Bridge bank stabilization easement to MBTA.  Voted: Yes. PASSED.
Article 35 - Petitioners Article was ruled out of order, due to the wording that does not not fall into by law 4.4 which states the dollar amount needs to be stated.
Town Meeting dissolved for the Spring session.

The Town of Biillerica is consistently seeing increase in growth and the Town administration has Billerica in outstanding financial shape. Standard & Poors has us rated as AA+ (the second highest possible rating) and Moody's has us at Aa2 (their second highest rating possible). Alicia was proud to vote to keep Billerica fiscally stable and to support the administrations financial vision.

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